6' White Steel Spinning Flag Pole 1" & 27"x54" Canada flag


Don't want to spend a lot of money on a the flag and flag pole set-up? Live in the city or suburbs and don't want to invest $$$ in a large bulky flag pole set-up? Do you have a back deck at the house or a convenient place at the cottage/cabin to display a flag?

This white steel spinning flag pole kit gets you set-up in minutes. This kit comes with a 6' flag pole (1" diameter), our standard 2 1/4' x 4 1/2' (27"x54") Canada flag (polyester-knit) and the mounting hardware (adjustable white powder coated angle bracket and screws) all in one package. This is a great starter flag pole kit for those with budget and/or space restrictions.

Why a "spinning flag pole"? Most angled flag poles experience "flag wrap around". With a spinning flag pole the pole rotates with the flag so that this condition is minimized. For a close up view of the flag pole and bracket please see our product listing for the set that does _not_ include a Canada flag.

Buy purchasing these 3 items together (6' spinning pole, flag & adjustable bracket) your savings add up quickly.

As with all our flag poles and hardware we do request that clients contact us _before_ making their purchase as our flat shipping rate may not be applicable for this product.


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  • Model: PL-RES-6SPKT

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