25' Commercial Fibreglass Pole with Internal Halyard & Tilt Base

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Our 1 piece commercial flag poles are made of lightweight and maintenance-free bright white fibreglass with a precast gel-coat finish. Fibreglass won't rot, rust, corode, pit or discolour eliminating the need for maintenance. Fibreglass is also a non-conductive material which is essential if you live in an area that received numerous spring, summer and fall thunder and lightning storms not allowing the flag pole to act as a giant lightning rod.

All commercial flag poles are cone-tapered (wider at the bottom than the top) for an aesthetically pleasing look of a column and provides greater stability. If you need specifics for any of our commercial flag poles please call or e-mail for more information.

All commercial fibreglass flag poles have a standard internal halyard system (the rope to raise and lower the flag from ground to top of pole). The halyard rope is raised and lowered by a winch handle. This not only prevents vandalism and theft of your flag or hardware but also reduces noise and wear on the raise and lowering system by keeping the entire mechanism inside the flag pole.

Standard hardware and accessories for all commercial fibreglass flag poles include: cast-alumunim tilt base, easy to use leveling system, stationary cast-aluminum or revolving truck, beaded retainer ring, counterweight, gold anodized aluminum finial ball (ornament) and heavy gauge spun-aluminum flash collar for the base.

As with all our flag poles and hardware we do request that clients contact us _before_ making their purchase as our flat shipping rate may not be applicable for this product.

*Please Note*-Due to the length of this 1 piece flag pole it must be shipped by LTL (tractor-trailer). This will greatly increase your shipping costs if you live in a rural or remote area. Our more popular 24' sectional aluminum flag pole does not need to be shipped by LTL.


  • Model: PL-COM-25FIBR

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