Business to Business (B2B) Discounts

Many of our clients also operate their own businesses or work for other small, medium and large companies/corporations. Our clients include some very prominent and well known companies in Canada, the USA and abroad. Canada's Flag King offers a special program for enterprises who wish to purchase our Canadian-made flags for their business. We refer to this program as our Business-to-Business program or B2B. Only registered businesses qualify and we do have minimum quantities for some products as well as different payment methods.

If you are having an upcoming promotional event, display a large number of flags, perhaps give something back to your employees or any other situation we can assist you with your order.

Please contact us at and include the product model numbers, product description and quantities that you are interested in purchasing for your business and be sure to include somewhere in the "Subject" line of the e-mail sent to us the words "Business to Business" or "B2B" and your company name.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse or decline participation in this program/offer to any business/corporation
without explanation.
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