School and Non-Profit Group Discounts

For those interested in purchasing our products in larger quantities: non-profit groups, clubs, or educational organizations; emergency workers and men and women of the Canadian and US armed forces please contact us about our special pricing for our merchandise.

All representatives of non-profit groups, clubs, or educational organizations as well as emergency workers and Canadian and US armed forces personnel will need to provide to us proof of their membership and/or a contact name, number or website where we can verify your information.

Those men and women serving with the armed forces that are based overseas and/or that have their items sent directly to them at an
APO or directly to a military bases mailing address do not need to provide this proof of identity unless requested.

Please contact us at and include the product model numbers, description and quantity that you are interested in purchasing with your e-mail to us. There are minimum order requirements for specific products and to receive any discounts all items must be pre-paid by cheque, money order or through an Interac eTransfer (formerly CertaPay).

Note: We reserve the right to refuse or decline, without explanation, this discount offer to any group/club that we deem does not fall with in the spirit that this discount was meant to offer.
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