Payment Methods

Quick Q&A's about our methods of payment

What currencies do you accept for payment?

Our website is currently setup to accept Canadian dollars only
. For our clients outside Canada we do offer our flag products in US dollars as well if that better fits your needs. Please contact us to arrange this transaction.

Your websites says you accept major credit cards but I only see PayPal as a choice, why?

Our on-line store accepts Visa, Mastercard and Amex through PayPal with complete personal credit card details anonymity
PayPal acts as our secure on-line 3rd party credit card payment processor and it is your choice whether you want to setup an account with PayPal or not. It's important to understand that if you don't have a PayPal account you do not need to setup an account up with PayPal to purchase from us.
Please keep in mind that all address information you provide to PayPal must match the information on file with your credit card company or else you will receive errors when completing payment. This is particularly important for our business and corporate clients using personal credit cards to pay for purchases. We can ship to different address but this information is provided before you proceed to make your credit card payment with PayPal.

Do you accept credit cards for a telephone order?

We do accept credit card payments (Visa & Mastercard only) for telephone orders. Please choose the "Telephone Order" option as your payment method during Checkout. After confirming your order through our site call us at the telephone numbers provided during our regular business hours and provide us your credit card information. You must go through the process of ordering on-line with us so please have your order number ready for us so that we can access your order quickly and efficiently.
NOTE: If you can not reach us by telephone then we strongly discourage you from leaving full credit card information on either our voice mail or by e-mail as we can't guarantee the safety of your information using these methods. If you can't reach us or can only call after-hours please leave a direct telephone number where we can reach you to complete your payment.

What other payment methods you will accept from me in additional to a money order/certified check and credit cards?

For our Canadian customers in addition to accepting money orders and certified checks we also accept Interac eTransfers (formerly CertaPay) through the 5 major Canadian banks. If you on-line bank with a large Canadian bank you can do a transfer to us with only a minimal amount of information all through your own on-line banking site and e-mail. It's safe and secure using your own on-line banking and allows you to pay directly from your bank account in Canadian funds. For more information contact us directly before placing your order and we can provide you with more details.

What other payment methods do you have if I don't want to use a credit card for my payment and I'm located outside of

We provide additional payment methods for those not comfortable using PayPal for credit cards. You can send us a money order or certified check (Note: personal checks are not accepted unless certified). All of the above payments should be made out to our official company name "Canada's Patch King". We hold shipment of your items until payment is received and cleared with our financial institution. Our
US clients are welcome to send any type of money order (Western Union, Wal-mart/7-11, USPS - International, USPS - Domestic (by pre-authorization only, etc...) For our International customers an International money order is acceptable in US or Canadian funds.

Why do I have to setup an account before making payment for my purchases?

All our customers need to register for an account with us before placing an on-line order. The on-line software that manages our site requires an account be created. For our next major overhaul of the site we intend to remove this obstacle but for the time being you are required to setup an account with us.

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