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We offer the services of our custom flag and banner design services. All our custom products are made in Canada. Our usual turn-around time from design approval to delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks during our less busy times of September to March. During the Spring and Summer months the turn-around times will be longer. It is wise to plan ahead for a custom order as we do not bump any order up in our queue priority for any reason, no exceptions.

We have a minimum order requirement for all custom flag orders. We will only quote if your order's total area of finished material is more than than 35 square feet (i.e. 225 - 4"x6" stick flags or 2 - flags sized 3'x6' (36"x72" or 90 x 180 cm) equals 35 sq ft or more).

Those not familiar with sourcing a custom flag or banner order should understand there are a variety of factors and information you need to provide to us before a quote can be provided. The average cost of a standard sized custom flag sized 3'x6' is $125-$175 plus taxes and shipping (i.e. $250-$350 for 2 flags). These are Canadian-made custom products and the workmanship and quality are second to none.

Some of the important specifications that we require for a custom order submission include:

1) the dimensions of the flag/banner (length x width) preferably in inches

2) number of flag/banners (minimum required, please see note above)

3) a digital graphic file (i.e. vector/raster or encapsulated post-script (.eps) if you have any logos or pictures you would like incorporated. JPEGs will do but there may be distortion in the final product if resolution is not clear. **Please Note: Any logos or flags that have a copyright held by a 3rd party licensee will not be quoted unless proper documentation can be provided to us from the licensee holder allowing permission to use the logo or flag design.

4) indoor vs. outdoor flag/banner (usage will determine material to use knit-polyester vs. sewn-nylon)

5) total number of colours on the flag including the background colour (exclude white for outdoor flags). Please include all the colours of a logo if you are not attaching it for copyright/proprietary reasons. We reserve the right to alter any custom quote if a logo is not attached and the number of colours represented to us was incorrect.

6) single-sided flag (reverse facing design on backside) or double-sided flag (design is represented on both sides)

7) finally, the finish of the flag (i.e. metal grommets on the side of flying from a flag pole, sleeve side, top and/or bottom for display purposes

You can can send this information to us directly at or use our Contact Us page. Please do not call us for an immediate quote on a custom flag/banner unless you have already submitted your quote to us and it has been longer than 3 business days since you submitted your quote. We do not provide custom quotes by phone.

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